Popular Ways To Use Chile Guajillo

Chile, Guajillo, Dried Pepper

Hey there! Have you heard of Chile Guajillo? It's like the rockstar of dried chili peppers in Mexican cuisine. Not only does it bring incredible flavor to dishes, but it also adds a nice kick of heat, just enough to keep things interesting. Want to know how to use this amazing ingredient in your own cooking? Check out these popular ways to incorporate Chile Guajillo into your dishes. Let's spice things up!

Dried Guajillo chiles being soaked

1. Salsas 

Dried guajillo chiles pack a flavor punch! Simmer these spicy peppers in hot water to plump them up, then blend them into a salsa your friends will rave about. Guajillos, tomatoes, onions, garlic—blend them all together with your favorite spices for a chunky salsa with deep, smoky flavor. Your chips will thank you!

Guajillo Adobo

2. Adobo Sauce

Guajillo chiles are key ingredient in making adobo sauce, a versatile Mexian Sauce used for marinating meats.

Red Enchiladas, Enchiladas Rojo

3 Enchiladas 

Guajillo chiles can be used to make enchilada sauce. Simply simmer the chiles with tomatoes and other seasoning, then blend to create a tasty sauce for enchiladas.

Pozole Rojo, Red Pozole, Chile Guajillo

4. Stews & Soups

Guajillo chiles can be added to stews and soups for a depth of flavor.

Red Tamales, Tamales Rojo

5. Tamales

Guajillo chiles can be used in tamale fillings, providing a spicy and smokey flavor to the masa and filing mixture.

Meat marinade with Chile Guajillo

6. Meats 

Use Guajillo chiles in rubs and marinades for grilled or roasted meats like beef, pork and chicken. The smokiness of the chiles pairs well with these proteins .

Remember to remove the seeds and stems from the chiles, and consider toasting lightly before use to enhance their flavor. Adjust the quantity of the Guajillo chiles according to your desired level of spiciness in your dishes.

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