Salsa De Yola Roja

Salsa De Yola Roja, Estilo Molcajete, was the first salsa that we put out into the market. A staple at parties and get-togethers, Yolanda Dominguez's famous homemade red salsa was loved by family and friends for years. Not only does the salsa have the perfect amount of heat, it also contains a delicious and unique smokey flavor, setting it apart from other salsas in the market. We love our salsas to be spicy, but most importantly flavorful as well, and we knew others felt the same. After the popularity of the salsa grew rapidly once it was introduced to the market, we knew that more varieties needed to be added to our line, keeping flavor and heat as the main priority for each one. We hope you enjoy the salsa as much as we do, and continue trying it on more foods to make them taste that much better.